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“Reducing Cost, Reusing Waste, Restoring the Environment”
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OWARECO Solutions

New processes and options are beginning to change the way businesses manage their food waste. Some are just stop-gaps; others are complete cost-effective solutions.

It's been too easy just to black bag your food waste and toss it in a dumpster. The sanitation, odors and pests are one issue, but so is the carbon footprint your business creates to get rid of your waste. Your recurring tipping fees are on their way up, too.

OWARECO, LLC provides innovative solutions for organic food waste reduction and conversion. We help you meet city, state, federal and corporate diversion goals. Our Net Zero Waste technology is designed for on-site use.

Food Waste Continuum Chart

Ecovim Eco-250

Eco – 250 - 250 lbs/114 kgs

We provide a variety of Ecovim units with appropriate processing capacities based on your requirements:

Ecovim Models

Model Throughput Capacity (Up to 24 hour)
Eco – 66
Eco – 250
Eco – 650
Eco – 1100
Eco – 2200
Eco – 3300
66 lbs/30 kgs
250 lbs/114 kgs
650 lbs/295 kgs
1,100 lbs/500 kgs
2,200 lbs/1,000 kgs
3,300 lbs/1,500 kgs