Owareco Recyling
“Reducing Cost, Reusing Waste, Restoring the Environment”
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  • Service calls are placed to IVS central office which analyzes the concern over the phone. (90% of all calls can be fixed over the phone)
  • If the system requires service, IVS provides next day service through its third party service contractors throughout the USA.
  • IVS provides a two year warranty for parts plus one year labor on all sales to US Military. IVS offers one year warranty and labor for all other sales. Maintenance contracts are available for the years beyond the first year.

Maintenance in 3 Easy Steps

  • Remove and rinse air filter on top of unit daily (takes 2 minutes)
  • Wipe clean the rubber gaskets on input and output doors
  • Grease axis bearings every six months (can be automated with battery-powered grease applicators)


  • No venting
  • No special permits required for unit installation
  • Small drain
  • Drain line for Sterile Condensation (if no drain available, condensation can be pumped to distant drain)
  • Electrical Connection for 220V 3 phase wired (4wire) required
  • Installation should not be in an enclosed room without air flow
  • Can be installed outdoors with proper protection from the elements
  • No tests have to be performed on units (Plug & Process)

Training and operation

  • Training is provided at time of installation (30 to 45 minutes)
  • Skill level of operators – High School diploma
  • Manuals and training CD supplied
  • Units are BATCH Process

Financing Options

  • Geography
    • Worldwide equipment locations with rental payments in US currency
  • Leasing Structures
    • Fair Market Value, 10% Purchase Option, $1.00 Purchase Option, TRAC Lease, Seasonal Lease, and Step Lease
  • Terms
    • 12-months to 60-months
  • Transaction amounts
    • $1,000 to Multi-Million dollar leases

Benefits of leasing

  • Leasing allows for 100% Financing
    • No down payment
    • All costs can be financed
      • Installation, Shipping, Training, Service Contracts
  • Leasing Conserves Capital
    • Client's capital is free to use for investment opportunities in their core business
    • Leasing is an additional source of credit for present and future needs
  • Leasing may circumvent existing restrictive covenants from other lenders
  • Leasing Helps Avoid Obsolescence
    • Leasing makes upgrading easy
  • Leasing Provides Tax Benefits
    • With a FMV (True) Lease, one may be able to write off monthly payments as operating expenses
    • With a $1.00 Purchase Option (Finance) Lease, the interest portion of the payment is tax deductible
  • Leasing Enhances Budgeting Stability
    • Fixed payments for term of lease
    • Low monthly payments more easily incorporated into budget process
    • Leasing is typically accounted for in Operating , rather than Capital budgets